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Fraiche – Los Angeles, CA

My recent meal at Fraiche with my friend Mike in late December could be best described as caloric suicide. Midway through our meal, the strangers seated at the adjacent table couldn’t help but lean over and ask how in the world we were eating so much food. At the end of the night, the thirty foot hobble from my table and out the front door -all while restraining myself from vomiting- required a herculean effort! I was barely two steps out of the restaurant when I slumped over a nearby bench, looked over at Mike, and between staggered gasps of air, briefly considered if I was going to die.

My curiosity with the restaurant was piqued in December when I heard Ben Bailly had recently left his helm at Petrossian to revamp the menu and serve as the executive chef of Fraiche’s Culver City location. Excited to see how Bailly would adapt from the luxurious caviar-laden dishes of Petrossian to the rustic cuisine at Fraiche, I called up the restaurant and had them specially whip up a nine-course tasting menu for us.
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Scarpetta – Los Angeles, CA

Scarpetta, Scott Conant’s flagship Italian restaurant, literally translates to “little shoe”, but according to our server Ian, in Italian slang, it refers to a small piece of bread used to mop up lingering sauce. And after experiencing the stupendous bread basket at Scarpetta, I really wonder if anyone expects there to be any scraps of bread left over to sop up sauce. Textbook-perfect examples of ciabatta and crusty Italian bread dot the top of the basket but digging deeper reveals even more awesomeness..
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